Data Protection Specialists in Health and Social Care

GDPR Support


At STABE our subject matter experts are on hand to offer the very best GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 support for your business.


We can advise you on how to stay compliant with complex legal issues, conduct Data Protection Audits on the whole, or a specific area of your business, help you put the right policies in place and provide a Subject Access Request (SAR) advice service

At STABE we are able to provide a complete data protection service to fit your needs from compliance to training, audits to sharing agreements. We have a unique knowledge of the healthcare sector which other DPO consultancies cannot match and at STABE we can keep you fully compliant with the additional health and social care requirements, including the DSP Toolkit, the NHS Digital Incident Reporting Procedure and the NHS Records Management Code of Practice. Our versatile and knowledgeable experts can support you whatever your needs are and our clients include anyone from small businesses to charities, trades unions and large public-sector organisations.

We genuinely believe that good data protection can minimise your organisations risks and can bring significant, tangible benefits which far outweigh the effort and costs involved in complying with the Data Protection Act, GDPR and other laws.

Ignoring privacy and leaving personal data inadequately protected – leaves you wide open to very serious financial, operational and reputational risks.

At STABE we Develop, Protect, Innovate and Assure.

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Feedback from some of our valued customers

For many of us working in Health, dealing with GDPR and data protection can be intimidating. However, the team at STABE are experts in their field and provide that expertise in a clear, reliable and practical way.  Always my first port of call when I get stuck.

Medical Director, Oxford Academic Health Science Network (OAHSN)

Working with Graeme and Mark at STABE has given us total reassurance that the complex GDPR and IG rules in healthcare have been met. They took time to understand what we needed and then took the rest out of our hands. 

President, British Society

of Thoracic Imaging (BSTI)

We used STABE to ensure that we were fully compliant with GDPR and Data Protection requirements. Everything was done efficiently and professionally. We feel confident we can now move forward and expand the business, with STABE providing our on-going GDPR and IG requirements

Medical Director

Heart and Lung Health Ltd