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At STABE our subject matter experts are on hand to offer the very best GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 support for your business.


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GDPR and Data Protection Compliance

The GDPR has been in the spotlight a lot due to the increased fines that organisations face for non-compliance. Recent ICO decisions have also highlighted that individuals prosecuted under the Data Protection Act 2018 face stiffer penalties too. 

At STABE we are experts in providing assurance and risk management strategies across all sizes of organisations. If you require support and assistance in delivering your privacy function, or need help implementing one, then we

are the organisation for you.     

GDPR and Data Protection Act Compliance

Data Protection

Data Protection Audits are a critical part of an organisations assurance and risk strategies. They provide clarity on their current compliance and the associated risks with non-conformance. Audits can be a deep-dive assessment conducted on the organisation as a whole or they can be on particular processing, workstreams or departments. This can also provide the organisation with the evidence that they are meeting statutory and regulatory requirements which prospective partners will check as part of due diligence assessments during the procurement processes. 


Data Protection Audits

Website Reviews and Audit

A website is a public window into your organisation. What your potential customers or partners see is very important in building trust and confidence in your organisation.


With the GDPR near the forefront of people’s minds it is also crucial to let your existing customers know how their information is being used.


At STABE we provide a website review service and can support you with GDPR requirements such as identifying the lawful basis for processing data and creating bespoke privacy notices.  

Website Reviews and Audit

Cyber Security Advice

Cyber-attacks are the most rapidly increasing risk to all types of business. This is backed up by evidence from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) where they list phishing attacks (through scam emails) to be the fourth highest cause of all serious data breaches.  

Add the vastly increased fines into this mix (British Airways £183 and Marriott £99m) and organisations should be rightly concerned. STABE can help. We have experienced trainers who can provide learning for your staff or customers and subject matter experts who can increase your cyber resilience.

Cyber Security Advice

If you are interested in any of the services above then we can provide a quote upon request. We do not have set prices for these services as we are driven by your needs - for example, you may want an audit conducted on one aspect of your data processing rather than the whole of your business. Contact us using the email button for the service you are interested in and the team will contact you for further information.


If you need on-going support for your business then we offer a Data Protection Officer (DPO) outsourcing service that is available in three price brackets and gives you access to a set number of hours per month.