Assurance and Training

At STABE we can support you to achieve your assurance goals, whether you need help completing the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) assessment or whether there is a specific training requirement that you need to complete; such as risk management training for your IAOs/IAAs, SIRO or Board.

We have experienced trainers who between them hold GDPR and adult learners teaching qualifications. Unlike other organisations, we do not believe in charging by the number of delegates that attend. Having worked for large acute NHS Trusts, the team understands the importance of getting the right training for the right people and we don't believe that organisations should be punished for wanting to share knowledge. The STABE trainers can offer a set price for a session or per day if you want multiple sessions for different staff groups. There will never be a limit to the number of attendees allowed (except for the safe limit on the size of the room).

The STABE team have a wealth of knowledge in relation to the DSPT and the previous IG Toolkit. We have completed the full acute Trust assessment on many occasions, as well as third party assessments and GP assessments. We have found that most organisations have the basic compliance in place but do not have a team with the resources or experience to complete the assessment by the October and March deadlines. Appointing a project lead to complete this task can prove detrimental as they will not understand the complexities and history behind the evidence required. Therefore if you need support with completing the DSPT then our completion service could be right for you. Our prices depend on the type of your organisation (as the assessment size and number of submissions is different) but no matter how big or small you are, our competitive prices are far more cost effective than hiring someone to specialise in this role.  

Below is a selection of teaching sessions and assurance services that we offer which can benefit your organisation. We are happy to talk to you about a bespoke learning plan for you:

GDPR Awareness

Any organisation

Any staff level

This is our standard session which would benefit staff at all levels. This is available for organisations of any size. The training will give a general knowledge of the essential GDPR data protection requirements plus anything else that you need, such as privacy and marketing. We can provide longer sessions for companies who are just starting out.

DSPT Level Training

Health and Social Care, local authorities and other public bodies. All staff levels

This training is centred around the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) and includes extra elements such as basic cyber security, Caldicott principles and the FOI act. This training complies with the recommended modules from e-Learning for Health and NHS Digital so that you can ensure that the dspt requirements are fully met.

Risk Management

Any organisation

Senior staff - SIRO, IAOs, IAAs

Risk management training is for staff that are accountable for your digital and electronic processing. The topics include assessing risk, maintaining an asset register and ensuring there are tested BCP plans in place. If you are a health or social care body, this course is based on the former HSCIC training tool module which is no longer available online. 

GDPR for Boards

Any organisation

Board and Executive level

Our board level training includes high level summary information about the GDPR and it's everyday impact on an organisation. The main difference for this training compared to the standard awareness package is the added focus on risk, strategy and the consequences of breaches; which can include fines, prosecutions and reputational damage.

DSPT Completion Service

Health and Social Care, local authorities or other public bodies and NHS partners

The STABE team can take the hassle of completing the DSPT away from you. We offer packages that include both baseline and final submissions or can simply lead on your current submission to ensure it is completed correctly and on time. As standard, all  our packages offer improvement recommendations once completed. 

Bespoke sessions

Any organisation

Any staff level

Our final training option is for you to decide. At STABE we are pioneers of collaboration and forward thinking, and we want you to be too. If you already know what training would benefit your teams the most or want a bespoke session to cover partner agencies then let us know. We can tailor our sessions so that you can get the most from them. 

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