DPO Services

The Information Commissioner’s Office are the independent authority on data protection, confidentiality and privacy. They have the ability to fine organisations, issue decision notices or in some circumstances, prosecute individuals. They have powers under a range of legislation, with the main ones being the Data Protection Act 2018, GDPR and Computer Misuse Act 1990.

Since GDPR came into force the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) have issued penalties for a variety of breaches including cyber attacks, failing to keep records secure and electronic marketing violations. The GDPR brought significantly increased fines and in particular the announcement that they intend to fine British Airways (£183m) and Marriott (£99m) shows that it is critical to get compliance right. 


There have also been a number of prosecutions for individuals who have deliberately breached the law. While this is enforcement against the offender, there is always reputational damage to consider. You can see the published enforcement action that the ICO have taken here.

At STABE we have qualified GDPR and legal professionals who can provide expert assurance to your organisation so that you can put measures in place to avoid enforcement action and financial penalties from the ICO. Our support will help you and your staff from breaching the rights of your clients or misusing their data. 

When something does go wrong, you need to ensure that the reporting process is followed correctly and having a team who are experienced with liaising with the ICO and investigating incidents is hugely beneficial. 

If you are in need of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or simply need on-going support for your existing structure, then STABE could be the solution. We can provide experienced DPOs as an outsourced service. The number of hours that we provide per month is negotiable with additional hours charged as necessary. This could be the best solution for your organisation if you have a governance structure but not the expertise to lead the implementation or negotiate the more complex issues that you could face. 

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Bronze Package

Number of hours per month negotiable*

Templates chargeable**

Our bronze package is ideal for small or start-up organisations. We can offer a set number of consultancy hours per week or you may want to use us on set days during the month. How this time is spent is up to you. 

For example, you may want to use us to conduct your regular activities in relation to DPIAs, policies, DSPT completion, data sharing agreements, subject access requests, logs of processing activities or contracts. Or you may want us to undertake a specific part of your data strategy or lead on a project 


£750 p/month

*Hours cannot be carried over. Additional time is chargeable.

**STABE templates chargeable. We will use your templates for free.

Silver Package

Number of hours per month negotiable*

5 Templates included**

Our silver package is ideal for small and medium size organisations with regular processing activities. The number of hours are negotiable but we recommend bi-weekly dedicated support. General queries will of course be handled as they arrive. With this package we recommend there is a strategic element included, such as a monthly compliance report to the Board or a sub-committee. 

This package includes the use of 5 STABE templates from our collection. The would be beneficial for companies with some structure in place already. 


£1500 p/month

*Hours cannot be carried over. Additional time is chargeable.

**Additional STABE templates chargeable. We will use your templates for free.

Gold Package

Number of hours per month negotiable*

Unlimited templates

Our gold package gives you the most flexibility and access to the STABE resources. The team will always be on hand to answer your queries and can offer dedicated weekly support. You would get the experience, knowledge and resources of the team for less than the cost of a band 8A staff member.  

With all our packages the tasks we are given would be up to you. Some organisations with no existing structure may wish to consider this an alternative to putting their own data governance resources in place. 


£3000 p/month

*Hours cannot be carried over. Additional time is chargeable.